What is i-cigoConduction Technology?

DirectPitchTM technology uses the principle of phase cancellation to enhance audio quality. When sound waves with equal amplitude, opposite phases, and the same distance meet, they cancel each other out, reducing sound and pressure.

By incorporating multiple vents in the earbud design, DirectPitchTM cancels sound and pressure in directions angled away from the ear canal. This amplifies sound pressure directed towards the ear canal, reducing sound leakage and enabling immersive Open-Ear listening while maintaining privacy.

i-cigo and DirectPitchTM Technology

Observation Leads to Innovation

When Shokz engineers observed how motor vehicle mufflers and tailpipes incorporated holes in their design to reduce noise, it sparked an idea: could this same principle be applied to headphones to reduce sound leakage? The engineers took a unique approach and developed LeakSlayerTM technology, which later led to the creation of DirectPitchTM technology.

Premium Materials for a Cutting-Edge Design

In order to provide users with a comfortable Open-Ear listening experience, Shokz researched materials and designs that would work best with DirectPitchTM technology. By scanning over 200 ears from all over the world and using 3D printing technology, Shokz Lab developed an ergonomic and flexible ear hook design that fits most ear shapes. They also experimented with various types of silicone, ultimately settling on a dual-layer silicone structure with a Shore hardness of 00, perfect cushioning for sensitive ears.

With the delicate and thoughtful Open-Ear design powered by DirectPitchTM technology,

i-cigo hopes to offer users a superior listening experience in their daily lives.